h/t Wonkette

I think we’ve found Sarah Palin’s running mate in 2012.  Meet conservative rising star: Skoal Rebel.  He is enjoying a quasi-meteoric rise to fame on youtube. He’s young, and he’ll make Palin look experienced.  His grasp on the state of the world is similiar, but expressed differently, a tiny bit less refined.

What think ye?

Important Update: Skoal Rebel has a come-to-Jesus!  He ain’t racist no more.  He got a brand new soul and youtube ID…which just sorta makes sense. 🙂


25 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Skoal Rebel

    • I wonder what moved the lad to choose film as his mode of expression.

      I see some greeting the Skoal Bandit as outlandish and absurd, nothing more than the short film version of reality television plummeting civil discourse into the cultural abyss.

      Remember Monet delivered the disrobed prostitute on canvas and made her lovely, Elvis gave us the first public glimpse of the gyrating male pelvis augmenting the already arousing experience of rock and roll. Who knows what the seemingly vulgar Skoal Bandit will contribute to future generations.

    • 😆

      i couldn’t understand most of what he said. why was he constantly bending over? was he spitting? that can’t be good for his posture. it could cause skoaliosis.

      (0whole1 started it)

  1. Somebody please tell me that this video doesn’t reflect the Republican party’s alternative plan to match Obama’s mastery. We dare to send out Cousin Jethro?!

    He must have used the F-bomb a dozen times, and called anyone who cared to sit through the entire duration of his amazing oratory skills “MotherF….” when he wasn’t exclaiming, “I don’t give a”, there’s that F-bomb again.

    Mr. Steele, call a huddle sir. PLEASE. Pretty PLEASE. The sooner the better. It’s time we add the party’s 12th Commandment…Reagan was smart enough to give us the 11th, speak no ill of a fellow Republican, and the 12th should reflect an appeal to distance ourselves from anyone or anything that may render us desperate or stupid.

    Have a safe and rewarding weekend, Melissa.

  2. Wait a minute! – He can’t run with La Sarah! – I’m featuring him on my blog sidebar as Glenn Becks 9/12 Project Field Coordinator. He’s headin’ un the
    backwoods of Kentucky Region. Ya’ll now bout them backwoods, right? Where yer daddy is also yer uncle, so ya’ll just call him yer dunkle so there ain’t no confucion and junk.

    • 🙂 I knew he was going places!

      …so it’s to parts where family trees look like telephone poles. No shame in it. 😉

  3. You got that right! – Everytime I hear this guys voice, I think of one of those Jeff Foxworthy sayings:

    “If you think relative humidity is the sweat on your balls when yer fu@#in’ yer sister. You might be a redneck.”

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