Look at what Congressmen never, ever have to deal with. This mother goes blind so she can afford that her daughters do not.  But Blue Cross/Blue Shield says the daughters have had enough eye-sight saving treatment.

And as you watch, remember, this woman HAS insurance!

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6 thoughts on “Go Blind with Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  1. every member of congress should be strapped to a chair with their eyes pried open (à la alex in clockwork orange) and forced to watch videos like this for an entire day. make their kids and grandkids watch a few of them, too, and then let mom/dad/grandma/grandpa explain to them why health care is a privilege and not a right.

  2. What a heartwrenching, harsh reality. Fuming because the bottom line always seems to be more important than doing the right thing. Profits are a good thing, but sometimes circumstances call for a sense of fairness and decency. Good grief!

    • Agree with Al about profits being a good thing. Insurance companies, like any other company, is in the business to make a profit for its shareholders … thus all decisions are made with “effect on profit” in mind. There are two major ways to increase profits – either increase sales or decrease costs. Simple as that.

      On the other hand, as people compare health care situations from country to country, one must remember that in some countries, health care insurance is NOT setup to be a profit — thus an apples-and-oranges comparison.

      Thanks for sharing the video!

  3. Single Payer, Not-For-Profit (meaning cut BCBS and every other health insurance company’s heads off), everybody in-nobody out is the only viable solution.

    The most financially conservative and socially liberal solution, so there SHOULD be support from both sides except for one small caveat…

    They own Congress and the POTUS.

    Even the public insurance option is bogus, as long as Big Insurance is allowed to profit and control the game.

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