Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA) is feeling much maligned that the reactions to his answer to a constituent range from Cantor is insensitive and stupid to Cantor is callous and dickish.

Incidentally in the above video, both the news host and Cantor restated portions of the event incorrectly. IE: the patient’s employment status, type of cancer.

If it is as Rep. Cantor states that his answer was a tailored response to his constituency, wouldn’t the competent and compassionate answer have been along the lines of: “Here’s what’s available now. But all these things fail to address the immediacy of your loved one’s problem, the time bomb that cancer is. That’s why Congress is working on reform.  My advisor is coming over to get your name so I can get you help now.  Or I’m going to refer you to this University hospital where I know help is available.”


6 thoughts on “Cantor Justifies Callousness

  1. Dear Lord,

    Please help us Republicans to stop the internal bleeding. Please give us a dose of wisdom akin to what you gave to Solomon. We can certainly use your guidance and discipline right now or face dire consequences from the electorate for years to come. Please help bring us into the 21st Century in our thinking. Can we have one week where we abstain from putting our foot into our mouths? Good grief, Charlie Brown!

    Oh, Mr. Steele, what say ye sir?! It may be time to start passing out the short leashes, huh?

    • Careful what you pray for re Solomon…I mean more women coming out of the woodwork would be excellent fodder for me…but NOT what you have in mind. 😉

  2. Yes, Lord, Melissa makes an insightful and legitimate point–soooo, for clarification sake, hold the women and heap Solomon’s wisdom upon the Republicans. Thanks for catching that, Melissa, and in fairness to Mr. Cantor and Republicans everywhere, I accept responsibility for this moment where I too had to be saved from inserting my foot in my own mouth–wish the Republicans had more razor sharp, witty friends like you, M.

    Back next week to catch up on some more interesting reading. Safe travels.

  3. Only in America can you get your cat neutered for free, but you can’t get your kid a lousy scrip for cough syrup with codeine without medical insurance, an upfront co-pay, 45 minute to wait for your name to be called, or even a fresh copy of Highlights without all of the hidden treasure maps already done. Jesus Christ! – God Bless America!

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