America's Finest without a Fucking Clue.

Dumb as dirt, Not a clue.

I guess Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA) is just one of those people sheltered and privileged to complete stupidity, to whole and utter oblivion to the lives of regular people.

He had a health care reform session in his district ,and a woman wanted to know what recourse her loved one had with tumors growing in her stomach and no health insurance.

His response:

“…There is probably 23-24% of the uninsured that is already eligible for an existing government program…

“Beyond that, I know that there are programs; there are charitable organizations.  There are hospitals here who do provide charity care if there is an instance of indigency and the individual is not eligible for existing programs that there can be some cooperative effort.  No one in this country, given, who we are, should be sitting without an option to be addressed.”

It doesn’t take much to find a tragic story describing the failures in Medicaid, waiting lists for charitable help, charities that must deem a candidate worthy of help.  Equally horrific is the predicament some find themselves in when they have paid for insurance and believed they would be covered.


Remember just over a year ago, Esmin Green dying on the waiting room floor of an Emergency Room in Brooklyn?  Can you believe we can all go on youtube and pull up video of a woman dying in an American hospital while depraved citizens and health care professionals look on.  And Mr. Cantor offers his constituency what is already in place and failing miserably.  It would have been as sensitive to suggest palliative care.


8 thoughts on “See Eric Cantor with his Head Up His Ass?

  1. assholes like cantor piss me off sooooooo bad. when people are sick, they’re scared, and the last thing they need is to make a thousand phone calls hoping they can find someone to help them at reasonable rates. if that’s good enough for his constituents, then i suppose that cantor wouldn’t mind if he and his family had to depend on the same system? asswipe!

    • It’s infuriating…because what immediately comes to mind is all the dying that’s done reaching out for help.

      There’s a saying about someone asking you for bread and you giving them a stone. Seems to fit.

  2. The shape of a nation is a result of legislation and we all know where 7 years of conservative legislation has left us. If healthcare reform legislation passes with an individual mandate, but no public option, congress will see outraged Americans marching to washington once again. But this time in numbers that will make the Sept. 12th TEA PARTY look like a frickin’ TupperWear Party.

  3. He’s a buffoon who, like the rest of the GOP (Gigantic Open Pussbucket) think health care is meant to address only emergent issues.

    They’re useless in this debate as far as I’m concerned.

    And charitable organizations are having a HORRIBLE time right now. A little research wouldn’t kill him, would it?!

    One that I have personal knowledge of – NORD (the National Organization for Rare Disorders) – has a program that helps people pay for medications (as rare disorder meds are outrageously expensive) and administrators are having to turn people away because they simply can’t cover everyone.
    They’ve always had a waiting list but they are now forced to turn people away …

    There’s no excuse for people like Cantor to be as ill-informed on these issues as they are … no excuse.

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  5. How someone like Cantor gets elected is beyond me and then re-elected. He needs a trip to the woddshed and then sent back home permanently. I have seen this idiot on numerous shows and have yet seen him answer a question. He just says his canned little remarks and then smiles that stupid smile. Please go away.

    • Hi, Dan. Saw Cantor eviscerated last night by Chris Matthews. I saw the ridiculous Cheshire cat grin. It’s one thing to be smug with reason; it’s asinine when everything coming out of the mouth is idiotic.

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