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Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) confounds insurance executives with the concept of medical bankruptcy, that is when people lose everything because of the cost of health care.  It’s the number one cause of bankruptcy and a major reason people end up on welfare roles.  Perhaps if Conyers had worded the notion as “piss poor Americans failing to pick themselves up by their bootstraps” we would have seen lightbulbs going on above the panel’s heads.


3 thoughts on “Insurance Execs Dumbfounded by Medical Bankruptcy

  1. What a bunch of liars. That’s a death panel if I ever saw one. They are the personification of apathetic evil. Lowest forms of life.

    • Yeah, pretty much, Chels. But when you’re sucking the very life from people, what is there really to say. They won’t say anything against their own interests. That’s for sure.

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