Max and the Marginalized  have written a new song about the “escalation in Afghanistan, the changing rationales for it, and the absence of a consensus on what winning really looks like.”

If it still makes sense, here in the present tense
it has to be worth reexamining
The caskets all come home filled with blood and bone
Sacrificed to flimsy reasoning
How many will we send before this is at its end
Tell me what it is we’re doing there again”

Lyrics and a download can be found at their site.


3 thoughts on “What is it We’re Doing There Again?

  1. Whoever said “War is Hell” knows what he/she is talking about. The challenges are many and the choices limited. In this particular war/engagement there simply isn’t an easy solution to specifically target the “enemy”, and effectively refrain from impacting the innocent lives of others. It’s really unfortunate that innocent women and children are impacted in the manner shared by the video clip. And lest we forget some of our own are making the ultimate sacrifice in that hostile region as well. As tough a choice as it is to make, we simply cannot abandon the mission at this critical junction; however, it would be encouraging for all parties involved if someone (Mr. Obama, perhaps) could specify the mission in a clear and concise manner.


    Have a safe/wonderful weekend, Melissa.

    • You’d love my paw-in-law’s book (in left sidebar), Another River, Another Town, Al. He quit school, lied about his age, and enlisted so he could single-handedly take down Hitler (at the age of 16). He learned war dehumanizes everybody involved.

      And hats off to Max and the band for pricking our nation’s conscience. They are philosophers, poets, and musicians.

      Enjoy your weekend, too. Do something fun!

  2. Hat tip to your Father-in-Law, Melissa, and I share your sentiments towards Max and the band too. Have a great week and I’ll stop by again on Friday. Maybe–just maybe, we Republicans can manage to stay out of the “limelight” and keep our noses clean until Friday…crossing my fingers and hoping for a small miracle. As if we don’t have our hands already full enough with a popular sitting president, we have of late been suffering from “open mouth and insert foot” or “shoot ourselves in the foot” syndrome. God please help us Republicans stay out of our own way this week.

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