Making Monkeys Out of Americans

Making Monkeys Out of Americans

Religious right shit-stirrers and pious purveyors of stupid continue to make their impact across America.  According to a Gallup poll conducted this year, only 39 per cent of Americans believe in the theory of evolution.  And that’s the reason U.S. distributors have not picked up the film, Creation.

The movie depicts Charles Darwin’s “struggle between faith and reason” as he wrote On The Origin of Species.   He is portrayed as a man who loses faith after the death of his 10-year-old daughter.  Creation has deals everywhere else in the world but America.

Here are the sad stats on America’s ranking in belief in evolution as compared to other industrialized countries: usretarded

Yeah, we’re pretty much behind all of them.   It’s quite a testament to the success of the ongoing campaign against science.

This map from Scientific American shows how individual states score in their treatment of the theory of evolution in the classroom. (Go North and South Carolina, impressive showing!)  Perhaps there’s hope and it’s just harder for me to see since I live in the heart of retard land according to the map.

I mean just last month I was party to a conversation where one woman lamented the response of FEMA to Katrina and a man responded vehemently that FEMA doesn’t save, “Jesus Saves!”

If we’re only as strong as our weakest links.  We’re screwed.


14 thoughts on “On the Origin of Fecies

  1. How could there be so many idjuts in one place? I’m going to ask that scientists find a way to blend the USA with Iceland. Heck, even France. If we clap our heels and say “I’m not in Kansas anymore”, it should work.

    *slits wrist and waits for faith to save….something.

    • Curiosity got the better of me:

      59% of Canadians accept the notion of common descent. However, only 22% accept young earth creationism. In Ontario, the data are especially disheartening, with only 51% of respondents accepting evolution (but still only half as many choosing creationism). In Quebec, 71% accept evolution and only 9% align with creationist ideas. (2007)


      India (77%), China (72%), Mexico (65%), the United Kingdom (62%), Spain (61%), and Argentina (57%) accepted the theory of evolution as scientifically founded, only 48% did so in Russia, 42% in South Africa, 41% in the United States, and 25% in Egypt. (2009)

  2. love the title! feces, indeed.

    i saw a trailer for the movie, and it looks like it would be really, really good. what a shame that corporate interests will block anything that might actually make americans a little smarter.

    • Dobson never looked so good! Don’t corporations know if we’re smarter and healthier we might be more capable of buying their shit! Guess not.

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