Jose Wilson
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Jose Wilson is capitalizing on his tourrettes episode during the President’s address to the Joint Session of Congress.  He quickly cranked out and distributed  a youtube video saying, Ooops, but give me money.

Last night I let my emotions get the best of me on the critical issue of health care…Stand with Joe.  Contribute to my effort to defeat the proponents of gubmint-run health care.”

This Sons of the Confederacy Republican Congressman yelling at the first African-American President illustrates the Sysyphusean task facing normal conservatives.  The right wingers on the margin are now considered GOP mainstream.  MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow discusses the predicament with a civil conservative:


18 thoughts on “The Jose Wilson Story…Fringe Becomes Mainstream

  1. The “apology” is a non-apology. He should not be apologizing for his passion. He should be apologizing for embarrassing the party. He should be apologizing for being wrong.

  2. hi Melissa,

    Just suffice it to say we Republicans are “shooting ourselves in the foot”. Once or twice is understandable and forgiveable, but lately the supermarkets cannot supply enough brown paper bags so we can hide our embarrassment with each transgression. Oh, well, I won’t pull a Governor Mark Sanford and go seek attention elsewhere, I’ll remain true and faithful to the party and hope we can pull it together soon.

    Safe and wonderful weekend wishes to you, M.

  3. Is Al the last civil Republican in America? 🙂 Actually, McCain hasn’t been too bad since the election, and was probably the first Republican to publicly state that Wilson needed to apologize for his outburst…

    But if I were Michael Steele, I’d put the South Carolina Republicans in timeout for a while. No more outbursts, no hiking the Appalachian trail… just stay indoors and keep your mouths shut…


    • TW, Al has the patience of Job and the civility of any Saint you can think of! I was thinking of him yesterday as my own e-Jiminy Cricket…reminding me to watch how broadly I paint my strokes.

  4. Can it get any worse before the Repub elected officials – not just their bottom feeders- start getting out their guns and killing people? OH…it seems the bottom feeders are now the elected officials.

    I suppose now is the time to remind myself not to become like the enemy. oookay.

    • Steady! I remember when “liberal” was turned to a word of disdain and the method for doing it was to mark Democrats as a party of special interests. There were those of us that just got pregnant so we could go out and have recreational abortions, those of us who were disabled just so we could live by the sweat of the taxpayer’s brow, oh god…and the alleged welfare queen (when statistically 96% of people were off welfare after one year, and 98% after 2 years).

      Analogously, we’ve got this factioning of holy rollers, bigots, neocons, and anti-intellectuals (who may or may not be holy rollers…I refer to ones who would reject scientific data in order to…i don’t know…be able to pollute more–so businesses can keep their profits and not pay for harming people, not have to exercise responsibility in regards to the environment.

      I tend to look for patterns because sometimes patterns repeat.


      How’s the book biz by the way?

  5. hey writchic. The book biz is busting my crescent moons (opposite of balls). I have to hand in a completed novel by the 25th to my mentor/editor and I’m in a panic. He got tired of my major skills in procrastinating and threw me into the fire. I won’t be good for much of anything until I hand him the ^&*% manuscript on the 25th. 😦

    Thanks for asking. xx

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