Poor Bill Rice merely punches a communist liberal in the face…

Nobody calls Bill an idiot.  Ya hear?

And what are the thanks he gets?  His damn pinky finger bit off.   All he wanted to do was exercise his Constitutional right to freely assemble in protest of Medicare gubnint run health care.  So, he’s punching a hippie liberal in the face as Jesus fully intended (playing a role in the whole turn the other cheek thing), and what.

On the second punch, Bill’s pinky ends up in the liberal’s mouth.

Then chomp.  Icky!!!

Bill lovingly gathers up his chewed off finger and heads to the ER.

Can we just savor the irony here for a moment of Bill going to protest a health care rally then having to receive health care because of his enthusiastic participation.  Wonder if old Bill has gubnint run health care Medicare.

And to add insult to a heinous injury, the physicans held an Obama death panel for his pinky.

It is no more.  It has ceased to be.  Biological waste as you read.

And I think Neil Cavuto’s journalistic talent is best encapsulated at 5:52 into the video where he cocks his head like an uber gay dog trying to understand.

BTW, liberals, Jesus!!!  You’re branding this shit all wrong.  Forget “Single Payer” and “Public Option.”


Call it Medicare DAMN! (Dental And Medical 4 Nuthin’!) or Medicare YAIC! (Your Ass Is Covered!).



5 thoughts on “Pinky Finger Sacrificed on the Alter of Freedom

  1. hope the loss of his pinky doesn’t slow his nose-picking. then again, a man’s man wouldn’t pick his nose with his pinky. he’ll use his index finger. however, i don’t know how bill’s going to clean his left ear from now on. i guess he’ll have to use his car key.

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