I had to bail on this video at 50 seconds in.  Call me chicken.

The people at Hyline Chicken are so fucking going to hell.  OMG.

I love critters, but usually my mind is on folks.  When mankind fixes the people problem, then I feel like I can worry about the critters.  But Geez!

It’s not just the video that’s revolting.  Check out how the claim to lip service to animal welfare:

Welfare Goals and Principles

To promote animal well-being and produce birds of the highest quality, we adhere to the following welfare goals and principles. These goals and principles are the essential building blocks for the humane and professional care of our birds:

• Feed and Water
Provide access to good quality water and nutritionally balanced diets at all times

• Health and Veterinary Care
Provide science-based health programs and prompt veterinary care

• Environment
Provide shelter that is designed, maintained and operated to meet the bird’s needs
and to facilitate daily inspection

• Husbandry and Handling Practices
Provide comprehensive care and handling procedures that ensure the bird’s well-being
throughout its life

• Transportation
Provide transportation that minimizes travel time and stress

The disparity between what you see and what they say if off the charts on the creepers scale.

And the people at Hyline encourage you to report violations on their own code of conduct here: info@hyline.com


5 thoughts on “Whack Video of Baby Chick Massacre

  1. Watching this film was like rubbernecking at a car crash–I just couldn’t take my eyes off the horrors in front of me. Why do these films always seem to show cute little bunnies and baby animals? Yeah, I have also seen adult cattle and greyhound (alive) being shoveled around with front loaders. But babies! This utter lack of compassion is simply horrendous and far too common.

    WC, I don’t see fixing humanity’s problems unless we concomitantly work on our attitude toward the rest of the planet, including the “critters,” the environment, global warming, and the rest of the things we’ve effed up over the centuries. As the saying goes: “The earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth.” And to whatever creative power made it. It’s a question of values versus religious traditions that tell us God “gave us dominion over the Earth.” What BS!!

  2. Can we do this to the GOP, FOX News, Birthers, Deathers and the right-wing nut cases?

    Seriously, I guess now I can’t eat the chicken I sat out to prepare for dinner tonight. Thanks. 🙂

  3. I work with poultry and with the mass quantity of product they move, I can only imagine the ratio of chickens to chicks(It’s ok they were sick, all yellowy and makin’ that peepin’ noise). but there are a lot of chicken houses around here even though I work with the fillets and wings, I don’t think I could work with any live critters.

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