Republicans Opt to Make a Killing On Fear

Republicans Opt to Make a Killing On Fear

The RNC has crafted a Health Care Bill of Rights for Seniors.  Even the url implements the Republicans’ favorite weapon of choice:  fear.  It’s not just the dreaded “socialized medicine.”  It is “The Obama Experiment.”

Obama will raid Medicare (hello, socialized medicine), interfere with your relationship between you and your doctor, install death panels and euthanize grandma.  These are the bullet points condensed.

Most of these conditions already exist under the present system that supremely empowers insurance companies.  You and your doctor do not decide what’s best for you.  Insurance companies do.  Cigna decided 17 year old Nataline Sarkisyan would die.   Insurance companies and Nevada Medicaid conspired together to give a 27 year old his death sentence.  Twelve-year-old Deamonte Driver died of an infected cavity in 2007.  Deamonte’s mother could not afford insurance.

Cynically and realistically it makes sense for conservatives to target seniors with a fear campaign.  The elderly were the only significant demographic that voted Republican in the 2008 election (Newsweek).

The real killer in the Health Care Bill of Rights for Seniors is the dog biscuit tossed to veterans and military families. Republicans have shamelessly cut and ruthlessly undermined veterans benefits as a rule.

And New York Times’ Nicholas Kristoff writes on another angle facing seniors under the present system–having to divorce your spouse to escape medical debt. (h/t R. Newton)


2 thoughts on “GOP Terrorizing Old Folks

  1. Thank you. I like this post. I found your site because I was trying read up on the health care debate. The picture is very funny, but the article makes very good and serious points that get right to what is wrong with the debate. Winning is more important to politicians than doing what is best for the American people.

    • Wow, thank you. With 65% of Americans interested in having a public option, it’d be self-sabotaging for members of Congress to exclude it. But reason doesn’t seem to apply in politics.

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