From the OMFG File–

“Oh!  Don’t hit me no more, massa.  I’ll give you money to kill mah babies.”  –Super classy conservative woman protesting health care reform.

It’s really a thing to behold this video.  Three “protesters” and a ¿fetus? portrayed as a log, act out their version of the future under Universal health care.  Judge for yourself, but it looks as if they see Universal health care as consisting of white women, babies, and old white men under the lash of a scary black man.

And these people really seem to think they’re clever.  Is there even a message beyond the bigotry?



7 thoughts on “You Stay Classy, Republicans!

  1. Were they ever really in the bigots’ closet?? What still baffles me is why these poor rednecks keep voting and protesting against their own interests. The “Beck factor?”

  2. The blatant hatred, racism, lack of empathy or self-awareness is mind-numbing. These are our fellow Americans? It makes me sick and angry to see such a display. As to healthcare, it seems their rallying cry is, “Give me Liberty AND give me death”.

  3. The wingnut quality of life is lowered when there is equity. They can’t have peace of mind knowing the impoverished and especially poor minorities have the same rights.

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