Is it me just me? Or does Moore’s head look like the inspiration for Gumby?
Moore Norris
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Biggest martial arts pussy in the world Chuck Norris and the badly hair-plugged, raging narcissistic fired Chief Justice of Alabama join forces with their version of Jesus:

to make Roy Moore governor of the great state of Alabama!

And challenging this Trinity of Pretension?

Congressman Artur Davis (D), Commissioner of Agriculture Ron Sparks (D), and the nice Jewishy Jesus.



4 thoughts on “Chuck Norris Endorses Nutty 10 Commandment Judge

  1. Yeah, Moore’s head does look like Gumby”s. And his mouth looks like The Joker’s. Having lived in the great state of Alabama for nearly twenty years, I can assure you that Moore’s got a good shot. If he gets a couple of NASCAR endorsements, the rest of the field is toast. Hey Moore! Wasn’t there a commandment about not being an asshole? Oh yeah, it was on the tablet Mel Brooks dropped. Damn.

    • Hopefully, Moore was sufficiently marginalized when he lost his job as Chief Justice.

      (and his smile does look like the Joker. Creepy.)

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with my homestate … A Roy Moore governorship would just tip the scales though … please Alabama, DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!!!

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