Remember back in December of 2008 when Cheney Confessed to War Crimes? That was cool.
Cheersucker Cheney

Putting the Vice in Former Vice President, Dick Cheney took a break from sucking cheer and good will from the world to defend CIA interrogators who threatened to murder a suspect’s children and rape another suspect’s mother.


Dick actually said the interrogators deserve our gratitude and shouldn’t be singled out for investigation or prosecution because torture saved lives.

The DoJ’s Office of Inspector General says in fine and fancy legalese that Cheney is full of shit.

Which in truth, Cheney’s saggy, gray ass ought to be under the microscope with the rest of the offenders.

And just to keep you sane, here’s how normal people react to findings in the newly declassified CIA report on torture and abuse:


2 thoughts on “Dick.

  1. A war crime is a war crime, and a Dick is a dick.

    I would love to see these bastards burned alive, but honestly, what’s the worst that would happen to them? A brief stay in Club Fed?

    • Can’t say I’m down with the live burning, eagle, though I feel your hyperbole. They’d sure look sexy in prison stripes. 🙂

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