When you’re put out to pasture in D.C., cable news is the field you poop in.

Bush has-been and former Homeland Security adviser, Fran Townsend is too cunning to be understood.

There was no discussion of politics whatsoever.”

Moments later…

There was concern if the, if we, if the intellegence supported raising the threat level, it might actually redound to the detriment of President Bush…”

Wow, that’s political.

CNN summoned their contributor Townsend (obviously from a tanning bed) to provide a contradiction to Former head of Homeland Security Tom Ridge (for yet another monotonous he said/she said news segment).  Ridge discusses the politicization of Terrorist Threat Level in his new book,  The Test of Our Times: America Under Siege . . . and How We Can Be Safe Again.  Ridge says Rumsfeld and Ashcroft pushed heavily for an election eve hike on the Terror Alert in 2004.

Townsend writes one thing, says the opposite.

Big ol’  sycophantic fail, Fran the Tan.

Stunning metamorphosis, btw:



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