Education to Empower has put together a video showcasing the kids who have benefited from the Young Philosophers progam.

Take a look…

Learn more about the Young Philosophers Program here!

And you can support the cause here.

Would love to hear what you think of the video.


3 thoughts on “Thinking Kids

  1. As a philosophy grad and son of a philosophy professor, I had the advantage of much of what this program has to offer. And, it has served me very well in life. The idea of participating with other kids in an open forum is exciting — really exciting. My tutorials with my dad were great, of course, but these kids are working as a collective. Really great stuff. An elementary student who wonders about Descartes’ “arch deceiver”! Very cool. Thanks for spreading the word, Write Chic.

    • Hey, Tim. When my oldest son was still in high school, I spun “grounding” with the other definition of the word “admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious.” Getting grounded was then his opportunity to have me assign him a chapter from Plato’s Republic or Dostoyevski’s “Grand Inquisitor.”

      I sent you an invite for Education to Empower on fb so you can follow what they’re doing. 🙂

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