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Jesus-on-his-Sleeve Republican, Senator John Ensign of Nevada tells supporters he didn’t legally lie about his affair with his friend’s wife; therefore, he is better than former President Bill Clinton.

I haven’t done anything legally wrong….President Clinton stood right before the American people and he lied to the American people… You remember that famous day he lied to the American people, plus the fact I thought he committed perjury. That’s why I voted for the articles of impeachment.”

100 fellow Christians swallowed that faster than Monica Lewinsky.  Ensign inflicted his adolescent sense of accountability at the Fernley Gulch Chamber of Commerce luncheon near Reno.

The Senator may not have legally lied, but his daddy did buy off Ensign’s mistress’ family to the tune of $96,000 bucks. In the most ethical sense of buying off, of course.

Ensign will be communing with Jesus in Tahoe this weekend for more advice on campaigning.


2 thoughts on “Ensign All Sack Cloth and Ashes…

  1. Hi Melissa,

    Hope all is well.

    Soooo, using Senator Ensign’s logic, it’s okay to rob a bank as long as you use a .22 caliber revolver and not a 44magnum? Hmmm, we Republicans have to start accepting some responsibility for our own behavior.

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