h/t firedoglake

Attorney General Eric Holder is ready to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate CIA interrogation abuses.


Except what’s that Keith?

The inquiry will be narrow, focusing only on those who went beyond authorized techniques.  Only excessive waterboarding will be investigated.”

Do these people even speak the same English?

The abuse of informal logic is staggering, idn’t it?

The “authorized techiniques” (ie waterboarding) were torture.

Eric Holder said so himself.

So only excessive torture will be investigated.

Only excessive violations of U.S. and International law will be prosecuted.

At least Scott Horton suggests there is hope.

I don’t see it.

However, you can annoy the hell out of the AG by sending him this video.


2 thoughts on “DOJ: Hall of Dumbasses???

    • Right-o. You can waterboard me, but by God, don’t waterboard my ass 100 times. That’s unauthorized lawbreaking, little sister.

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