h/t Pam Miles
Trolls for Hire
Add Glitter to Pictures

When Republicans aren’t checking out online gay porn or looking up software to cover their online gay porn footprints, they’re paying a PR firm to enlist “warriors” (oh, that‘s not gay) to troll left leaning blogs.

For real.

Said PR firm, Advantage Consultants was experiencing some techinical difficulties.

::Snicker, snicker::

So just in case, Google’s cached copy of the site looks like this.

And even includes an address and phone numbers:

750 South Orlando Avenue, Suite 202
Winter Park, FL 32789
Office phone – 407-388-1776
Telefax – 407-629-7760
email – doug@advantageconsultants.org

I experienced some trolling during election season.  A bad day with your Vista software or having to flick a tick off your sock during a hike is far more annoying than trolls.  But paying someone to annoy someone is just that special GOP brand of creepy.


6 thoughts on “Trolls for Hire…Again.

  1. Hi Melissa,

    Have to echo Kurt’s sentiments, and hope for the sake of my party we make the changes necessary to be a viable option once again to the voting public. Have a great day!

    • You are the nicest guy ever, Al.

      I cringe at the thought of the normal Republicans reading me. Because I obviously don’t mean you or anyone like you.

  2. Thank you, Melissa, your sense of fairness is admirable. We–the Republicans–just have to find a way to rebuild a base that is open to all, which would be much easier if folks within our ranks would simply be as fairminded as you are. Have a safe, relaxing, rewarding, blessed weekend.

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