I was totally born in Kenya, and you can be, too!!


10 thoughts on “WriteChic Long Form Birth Certificate

  1. Still here! Still reading you (but you’re in my Reader feed, so I bet you didn’t even know I was looking in!). Keep fighting the good fight. These “Town Hall” pitchfork/torch bearing idiots have got my blood boiling (let’s call them “forkers”). When you don’t have any ideas, throw bricks.

  2. It’s funny how the birthers never get tripped up on the fact that McCain *was* born in another country i.e. Panama. Granted, the Canal Zone was U.S. territory at the time, but the Senate still felt the need to convene a special session to determine if that qualified McCain as a “natural-born” U.S. citizen, since no one knows what the Founding Fathers meant by that phrase (no c-section babies, perhaps?) . And it’s funny how the strict constitutionists never get tripped up by the fact that some things in the constitution are just goofy and wrong and worth changing, like Sally Hemming’s boyfriend’s assertion that a black is three fifths of a person.


  3. Yep, what a world.

    pssssst. I need a birth certificate. I need to travel to America. Even though I have a USA passport, my place of birth was once questioned when I entered a USA airport. I bet if I had a snazzy Kenyan birth certificate, I could say I was related to the President. I bet I would get rushed right through security and treated like royalty. That would be ever so lovely. *dreams*

    • Hopefully they got rid of those black bags for the head. They did nothing for the hair.

      (That’s not funny. That’s scary 😦 )

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