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“Dem” Bones took on an epiphanic quality for me this morning as I began news gathering.  I saw White House Counsel Greg Craig may have the door knob hit him where the good Lord split him.

Can we really trust a man whose name rhymes?  I don’t know.

But Craig hasn’t done jack to serve the mantra of “Change.”

In fact today in America we are still involved in a war where we now know there was no WMD and no end insight, we still have a government illegally wiretapping Americans, a Department of Justice riddled with problems, detention centers both here and abroad filled with folks who don’t need to be there, and a White House legal counsel office filed with attorneys that just don’t get that the citizens who voted President Obama into office wanted a better brighter America The voters were seeking a country that respects the rule of law and wants it upheld by there government officials.   Dana Jill Simpson (Attorney, former GOP operative in Alabama, and Congressional witness in the investigation of Karl Rove and his involvement in the Siegelman prosecution)

And speaking of our hobbled DoJ, check it:

Janitor at DoJ fucking around on my site???

Janitor at DoJ fucking around on my site???

Something is afoot.

The visit entry page references a story I wrote postulating that Leura Canary’s assistant Louis Franklin would take the hit for the obvious problems in the prosecution of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman.  As far as I’m concerned, Siegelman’s imprisonment was a fait accompli in the Bush Justice Department’s aim to disempower the Democratic party.

So…if Mr. Greg “Conflict-of-Interest” Craig gets the boot and takes his dueling loyalties elsewhere, maybe AG Eric Holder can find it within himself to take on the mantle of Ezekial and resurrect Dem Bones…right some wrongs and whatnot.


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