Is my title too obsure?

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When Democrats were enfeebled during the Bush years, they looked like sissies.  But diminished Republicans just look nuckin’ futs.

As the GOP’s tent overfloweth in Crazy Town, USA, the high priest of worship at the alter of the red herring, G. Gordon Look-Mom-I-Can-Put-a-Cigarette-Out-in-My-Hand Liddy leads  “The Barack Obama is not a citizen of the U.S” Insanity Tour.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews hammers Liddy for almost 5 minutes with facts all pointing to the reality of the President being born in Hawaii.  A photo of the original.  The newspaper archive containing the birth announcement.  Statements from officials in Hawaii including the Republican governor.  Matthews even had Obama’s short form birth certificate…which doesn’t count in Crazy Town.

I guess my kids are all Muslinese and Kenyan because I have short form birth certificiates for them.  And the short form was acceptable for their U.S. passports.

It’d be so much easier if the freak show would just come to terms with being a bigoted lot.


9 thoughts on “Afterbirth of a Nation

  1. Y’know, if he wasn’t so venomous, I’d almost feel sorry for ol’ Gordon. I haven’t heard his show in years, but always found him to be crazier (albeit less popular) than Limbaugh. Now he looks like he has trouble just following the conversation — but he’s still crazy as a bat (w/apologies to bats everywhere). When oh when will the last vestiges of the Nixon gang — Liddy, Rumsfeld, Cheny) finally disappear? I mean, just what the heck are they putting in their Ensure anyway? They’re like the Nazis that keep popping up in So America, except our media insist on continuing to give them air time. What a country.

    • Liddy looks nigh unto stroking out right on TV! I guess we have the Liddy, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove sycophants to look forward to once these rats kick it.

  2. Howdy,

    Hope everything is good.

    I saw the segment and I must say that was interesting and some of the best evidence put forward that I have seen. Surely it will die down now.


    What am I saying? These nutjobs will keep it up as long as the shiny little object keeps grabbing Americans attention.

    • Good morning, Bman!

      You’re so right! Liddy’s head is shiny! Wish I’d thought of that while I was writing! 🙂

      Matthews gave me the creepers vibe with his introduction of Liddy as his good friend, but CM didn’t hold back.

      Jon Stewart did a good segment on the birth certificate, too: Born Identity.

  3. pretty crazy… these loons are on both sides. What will it take to give them some common sense? Lets take Chris Dodd for example… because i dont like to pick on private citizens. Dodd continues his fathers tainted legacy with the same exact people who had his father centured! A little common sense please

  4. I have a question for you… Why bother bringing this guy on the show? serves no purpose…..

    This last guy predictably has to play the race card.

  5. It would be funny to watch if it wasn’t for real. It’s simply amazing to see how far the Republican Party has come. I’ve never trusted many of them, but at least some of the things they would say had some base to it. Today it’s simply crazy and revealing.

    G. Gordon Liddy, Pat Buchanan, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh and all of the other hate mongers on the Right are doing a better job at destroying the GOP than the Democrats are doing, so I would like to be the first to cheer them on to defeat. Keep talking GOP and you may just get that Klan endorsement they’re seeking. What would they do without the hate vote.

    Good Post once again.

  6. Mark and I just watched this. He said, “what’s wrong w/G. Gordon Liddy? Is he stoned?”.

    This birther crap is so ridiculous.

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