Do you ever just squirm watching two people talk past each other.  Both the anchor and the dealer are so fixated on their own points of view, they miss what’s being said.  The dealer is trying to sell trucks by throwing in an AK-47 as a bonus when you buy an American made pickup.  Except he’s really giving away gift certificates for AK-47s, and a customer has to go through the regular legal rigamarole of purchasing a gun.  The anchor is treating him as if he’s got hundreds of AK-47s on the lot and passing them out like candy.

The dealer answers her with informal logical fallacies (which are implemented typically in salesmanship), but he’s also treading carefully so as not to piss off potential customers (ie. first responders).  At least the guy is doing his job: selling.  And he’s doing it without having to buy advertising.  Slick.  I mean “God, Guns, Guts, blah, blah, blah” is as ingenius as “God, Hookers, Porn, and Shlongs” as an ad.  The dealer knows his customer audience.

The anchor doesn’t know hers.  She uses lame attributions “some people” might be offended.  She asserts an AK-47 giveaway is irresponsible without tying the assertion to a fact such as the gun owner is more likely to be killed or have someone in his family killed by the gun he owns than to actually gun down a perpetrator.  She’s lazy…which is inexcusable in her profession.  She looks like she’s just trying to pick on a hick.


11 thoughts on “God, Guns, Guts, and American Pickup Trucks: The Very Awkward Interview

  1. Well I am officially stumped. Just which one of these boneheads was the bigger tool? Each was so intent upon pandering to his own (perceived) constituency, and each was so concerned about being “polite” (?) that they truly did “talk past each other.” I think that, along with AK-47s, we should ban from the media all spineless phrases such as “some people think. . . “, “some would say . . .”, etc. That’s a Faux News invention that has really taken hold. Already, poor Walter Cronkite rolls in his grave.

  2. I love how gun freaks always assert that home invasions, domestic assaults and other awfulness wouldn’t be so bad ‘if they’d had a gun’ handy.
    Tell that to all the toddlers who ‘oopsie’ find daddy’s [locked up] gun and ‘oopsie’ accidentally off themselves.
    Stupid logic …

    • And that’s what the data supports, Skalka. That would have been the fact leg for the journalist to stand on.

    • The salesman asked the journalist: “Do you have a problem with God?” Actually, I’m not against having guns around for self-defense, as long as they are kept out of access to children, but I do have a problem with this guy using God to sell guns. I’m a democrat who owns guns, an American pickup truck, and a bible, and I’ve never come across any bible verse saying that I should buy guns and American pickup trucks. Maybe I’m wrong though. Maybe he’s such a good Christian that God has spoken to him and instructed him to sell guns in His name. Also what do “guts” have to do with guns and American pickup trucks? Are we atheists as well as cowards if we don’t own a gun or an American pickup truck? I shouldn’t question this guy though. I mean…If you can’t trust a car salesman, whom can you trust?

      • Hi, Cowboy! (I restored the video.)

        Excellent point re truck guy. The sales guy did NOT like being challenged, did he? 🙂

          • What! Thought you were a one hit wonder, or I’d have been more chatty. 🙂

            Btw, I love shooting targets. I lived in Arizona and was friends with a gun collector. Like the rifles better than the handguns. Much more control.

    • Because they talk past each other?

      I know you just want your link here, but you could at least say I’m pretty or kiss me first. Geesh.

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