I could have been a lot harder on the South Carolina Governor who went missing in action only to be found visiting a lover in Argentina. If you’re going to take a Puritannical posture on love and sex, then by God, live up to it!  But having read the emails Mark Sanford sent to his lover, I judged he was genuinely smitten with the woman, and well, that’s human–to fall short of your own ideals.  (Though it does not negate the obnoxiousness of pushing a legal love and sex agenda…ie anti-marriage for gay people).  Still, I cut him some slack.

Maher thought Sanford’s emails were awfully sweet, too.  So, he juxtaposed excerpts with text messages from former Florida Congressman Mark Foley who liked to talk dirty to teenage boys!


One thought on “Sanford and Foley on the Language of Love

  1. I can forgive the schmaltzy emails from Sanford to his mistress (having written more than a couple such missives to my wife); but, dammit, there’s a right and wrong way to go about these things. If you no longer love your committed life partner, then end things as painlessly as possible for all concerned. And if you love someone else, wait until your present circumstances are different. Period. Cheating is cheating, despite how genuine the feelings (or how corny the emails). And to engage in sexual dalliances in the shadow of a God-and-family banner is simply reprehensible. The important difference between Sanford and Foley is not the depth or genuineness of their feelings — it’s the difference between a relationship between consenting adults and one of predation (regardless of sexual orientation).

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