Chip Pickering
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What is it about Bible study that drives Republicans to fuck somebody other than their own wives????

We all thought Representative Chip Pickering of Mississippi wanted to spend more time with his family.  It turns out Mrs. Pickering has filed a complaint in court saying her husband had an extramarital affair while serving in Congress, and that is the REAL reason he could not take U.S. Senator Trent Lott’s position when the congressman was up for consideration by Governor Barbour.  The mistress gave Chip an ultimatum or something.

I’ve had to add a new category:  Republican Sluts.

Pickering had a cameo appearance in 2006 in the movie Borat.  Pickering was filmed at a tongue-wagging Pentecostal rival meeting.


6 thoughts on “Chip Trip-on-Your-Dick Pickering

  1. Hey,

    Why is it that so many Mississippians are religious dickheads?

    More importantly, how can so many of my fellow citizens be so fucking gullible to vote for these ass clowns?

  2. If they had teeth they would be called teeth brushes.I wonder who it is?
    (that still has the tooth)

    *duelling banjos softly starts up in the distance…*

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