Eric De La Cruz died July 4, 2009

Eric De La Cruz died July 4, 2009

Living and dying, he reminds us how sweet life is and why we fight for it. He inspired his sister to move a mountain and showed the rest of us that love is an inexhaustable resource. God speed.

Here’s a short release from Spinner dot com:

Eric De La Cruz, the 27-year-old whose need for a heart transplant inspired Trent Reznor to raise over $800,000, died Saturday, July 4th from his condition, severe dilated cardiomyopathy. The Nine Inch Nails fan was never able to regain his health to get the transplant.

The campaign to save De La Cruz was started after his sister, Veronica, a former CNN anchor, made pleas via the media and her Twitter account for help. Eric’s need for a new heart was denied by Nevada Medicaid and private insurance companies, so it appeared his only hopes were to either get on Federal Medicare, which initially denied his request, or to pay for the highly expensive procedure out of pocket.

Veronica’s quest for donations eventually caught the eye of Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, who took to his Twitter feed to encourage fans to help out. He then offered backstage passes and other rewards via the Nine Inch Nails official Website, which brought in over $850,000.

Unfortunately, despite the money and being approved for Medicare, the transplant never happened due to Eric’s continued declining health. In a letter addressed to “Eric’s Twitter Army,” Veronica wrote, “It is with the heaviest heart that I write this, my beautiful and beloved little brother Eric De La Cruz has passed away. He died yesterday, July 4, 2009, sometime between 2:20 pm and 2:35 pm. Both my mother and I have been so overcome with grief and sadness, we couldn’t bear to put the message out, so until now we shared it with only Eric’s closest friends and relatives.”

Funeral arrangements are still pending and Veronica pledges to continue working on his behalf and spreading awareness of others in need of transplants.

Letters, cards & condolences can be forwarded to:

De La Cruz family
c/o Hedrich Creative Group
306 Montgomery Lane
Glenview, IL 60025


9 thoughts on “Remembering Eric De La Cruz

  1. My heart goes out to Eric’s family.

    Eric and others like him are in my thoughts, especially during this fight for a national health care plan for ALL citizens.

    Single Payer, Now!

  2. I can’t tell you how sad this made me … you have to hope that the tireless efforts from his sister and folks like you will still benefit other people in Eric’s situation. You have to hope …

  3. Reading this makes me terribly sad. It also makes me furious. Veronica and others waged such a fight against the system. It’s just not fair.

  4. Hi M,

    I’m sad to hear about Eric’s loss. Thank you for high-lighting his courageous struggle and battle here with us, and in hindsight and honor of his special story, may corrective actions begin to take firm root real soon. May his family and friends find comfort and peace amid their thoughts of what could have been.

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