Big Ol' Daddy Fail
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Ladies, when you see eyes that vacant staring back at you, RUN the fuck away!!!

Gary Staton is making news again for his mad parenting skillz.   The father of nine dumped his children (ages 1-17) off at a hospital in Omaha after his wife died in 2007.   Staton inspired Nebraska legislators to get off their collective ass and change their baby safe haven law.

Well, now the walking daddy fail is expecting twins with his new girlfriend.


Seven of Staton’s first batch are being adopted by an aunt.

Maternal aunt, thank god!!

The other two are living with an elderly woman in Omaha and finishing high school.

When questioned about the lunacy of his reproducing,  Staton replied, “Do you think I’m going to raise this one alone?”


6 thoughts on “9 Time Babymaking Loser Shoots for 11

      • Valid point, Melissa. Let’s just hope he didn’t visit them just abut the time they had come to grips with their feelings, and bam! there comes good old dad stopping in briefly only to leave once again to reinforce their sense of gloom. Unfortunately, innocent children cannot choose their parents. These children obviously deserve better.

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