Governor Mark Sanford
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I’m just saying, keeping your dick in your pants goes a hell of a lot farther in protecting the institution of marriage than denying it to gay people.

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s taint was stinking up the state capital as routine business on drunk driving and falling tax revenues went on.

Dozens of media whores crowded the corridors to get the governor and his taint on video as they conducted their first official meeting since announcing he’s a man slut.

This week, Sanford admitted to an extramarital with a chick in Argentina even though he’s been married to another chick for 20 years.

The taint had no comment.


2 thoughts on “Governor’s Taint Gets All Over South Carolina

  1. LOL! This is great!!!!

    Yes, let’s PLEASE preserve the great sanctity of marriage by not letting gay people get married!!! Obviously Sanford thought his marital vows were very sacred!

    I don’t see how anyone would ever be willing to run for office on a “traditional family values” platform!!!! It’s almost like they’re asking for something like this to come up later in their future!!!

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