Republicans reason the confirmation of Sotomayer should take longer because she has more experience…more cases to delve through.  They plan to review 6 of her 3600+ cases per day before (if?) she can be confirmed.  If conservatives still knew how to do math, they’d tell you that means she’d be confirmed some time in 2011.

For real.

The Mexican-hating portion of the base of the Republican party is probably thinking, right on.  The misogynists portion of the base is cheering, but I don’t think there’s enough to hate about her for there to be much GOP opposition at this point.


5 thoughts on “GOP Woke Up On the Retarded Side of the Bed

  1. I think the reason their response is retarded is because they’re not stating their true objection(s) – or at least what should be. The Supreme Court is our last line of defense against constitutional abuses by the executive and legislature. Given that there are no checks on the decisions of the court (like the House/Senate/President provide for each other) there is *no* place on that court for justices who feel it is part of their job to make policy or force what then becomes tantamount to law, unpassed by legislature and executive, on the American people.

    The Supreme Court should be following the strictest possible interpretation on the constitutional questions placed before it. It is the role of the legislature to amend that constituion if something needs changing, not an unelected, serving-for-life justice playing with what borders on divine fiat.

    Her proven (through her past decisions in cases) desire to “legislate from the bench” should be reasons 1 through 10 on the “Top Ten” list of confirmation resistance and has nothing to do with her gender or background (I’ve used the exact same argument against white male candidates as well).

  2. They are always waking up on the retarded side. That goes to show, if you’re a republican, your child doesn’t have to excel at anything and will still get to be somebody’s boss.

    I had a good laugh at the end where Rachel said she reads Playboy for the articles. I know she does but her sense of humor is fantastic. She also never wakes up on the retarded side of the bed.

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