The one year round resident of Andy’s Motel is an artist and a college student.  Justin Weinmann.   The same day I met Justin is the same day I saw his portfolio.  I’d heard about him for months before meeting him.   I had to see his work!  And we’ve been friends for a few years now….often exchanging ideas about storytelling.  Justin is the modern renaissance guy.  He writes, he paints, he sketches, works pencils and ink.  (Even tattoos!)

Aristophanes Description of the Original Human by Justin WeinmannAristophanes Description of the Original Human by Justin Weinmann

This image is the result of my asking Justin to give me his interpretation of Aristophanes description of the original human in Plato’s Symposium:

Aristophanes offers a story dealing with human nature and the human condition. Human beings were once spherical, with eight limbs like an octopus (think before you next throw that octopus on the barbie – you may be committing cannibalism), four arms and four legs, one head with two faces and four ears and two sets of genitals, male or female, or both, so that they were any one of three kinds: male-male, male-female, and female-female. One day they offended the gods and to punish them Zeus cut them in half, scattering the two severed halves in opposite directions. Since that day, we are always searching for our other half.”

He produced the work above overnight.   Needless to say, I’m really impressed.  I love the way he captures masculine and feminine without favoring either sex particularly.  That’s Justin’s genius–to take you by surprise.

If you’d like to see his gallery of work, go here.  He’s just starting his online studio here at wordpress, Ink Method Studios.

(I’m really digging his Bertrand Russell, too!)


by Justin Weinmann




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