So, I mentioned I’m helping my parents at their beach side motel!!!

Old Folks Living Like Rock Stars

Old Folks Living Like Rock Stars

When I see old folks, I expect a little respectability, a little wisdom to have blossomed with years of experience in living.

Okay, I am on the Redneck Riviera.   I know.

Day One: I wondered if Room 226 was going to be a problem when the elderly woman was staggering around drunk REEKING of booze at 10 o’clock in the morning.

Think Pig Pen, but the funk is a cloud of liquor.

Day Two: She refused to exchange her dirty towels for clean towels because her husband was sleeping on the balcony.

Double red flags!!!

Day Three: I heard her lamenting that she could not remember the place in town where she kennelled her dog!

Are you fucking kidding me!!???!!  Who kennels their dog and forgets??  Who does that shit?  Poor Puppy!

Check Out: Those senior citizen bitches tore the place down.

It wasn’t quite the image you see above.

But I did have to use duct tape to get the old mother fucker’s back hair off the sofa!  And guess how many Vodka bottles it takes to fill a tall kitchen garbage bag.




13 thoughts on “Ya Ass is Old!!! You should Know Better!!!

    • Omg, Trainspotting is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. Are you TRYING to up my willies? 🙂

  1. looks like my old room(s).
    Where was the Picture Taking? I wanna Party With Them

  2. OMG! Just when one thinks they have seen and heard it all–now this, from a demographic that one would think would have better standards…

    lol @ Melissa’s “can of whoop ass”. You go M!!! Have a terrific weekend.

  3. For what it’s worth — I live in Palm Beach County — retiree MECCA and dealing with Q-Tips is THE WORST (most of the time).
    Mean, unruly, demanding, ungrateful — they are heinous pretty much always.

    Mr. Cookie and I joke that it’s almost like they got to their age and said ‘fuckit – we do what we WANT’ …

    Summer is beasly hot — but at least it’s not The Season when we’re overrun with whiny wrinklers.

  4. Oh my gosh! *tries not to laugh but fails* I can imagine your face when you’re hearing their comments. HA! and retch. I didn’t realize back hair comes out on things. I’ve never been close enough to back hair to observe…but the picture of you duct taping was priceless. Thanks. 🙂

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