I’ve been on the Gulf Coast since school let out helping my parents with their beach side motel.  Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve been meeting and getting to know the contract workers who provide service to the business.  Most do not have insurance.

Scrounging for Leftover Antibiotics

Scrounging for Leftover Antibiotics

Today, one woman with a throat infection was asking the crew if anyone had left over antibiotics.  Two men thought they had a some at home and offered to go and get them at lunch time.  Another woman offered to call some of her friends so that the sick person would have enough pills for the antibiotics to actually fight the infection.

I know antibiotics are tailored (or at least used to be tailored) to gram negative and gram positive bacteria and different types of tissues and cells; so, I wonder how effective the leftover medicine will be?  I wonder if the woman with the throat infection will be taking different types of antibiotics or prescriptions that are expired.

Then one of the men launched into a tale about his brother who has an abcessed tooth.  He hustles friends for leftover antibiotics constantly to keep the swelling down and the pain at a minimum.  He doesn’t have the money to get the tooth taken care of.   So, he tries to stay ahead of the infection begging friends for medicine.

People have died from tooth infections.  I made a general comment about how horrible health care is in America and how deplorable it is that people are reduced to this to try to feel well.

The woman who offered to call friends told me this was nothing.  She had to have a back alley surgery to get a Norplant removed from her arm.  The implant was causing her to hemorrhage and no hospital would touch her because of legal problems associated with Norplant.

I had nothing else to say, but I did think it’d be worth writing about–letting you know what regular Americans are going through and have gone through.


4 thoughts on “National Treasure of Health Care Horrors

    • Sounds like a conspiracy against brotherly love and human compassion. Was it John Stuart Mill that said the conservatives are the stupidest of all parties?

  1. Been wondering about you. Glad you posted.

    I did a random survey in my neighborhood last summer and 8 out of 10 people had NO healthcare.

    My mother, sister, and two brothers have no health care.

    Most people here simply cannot afford it.

    • Hey, Bman. Here’s hoping to better days. But it does nothing for the people suffering now. Nothing for the lives lost due to a national indifference. 😦

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