Eric De La Cruz has a shot at life because people on social networking sites rallied behind his sister’s plea for help.  Veronica appeared on The Mike and Juliet Show today telling the story.   A stat was offered up that 17 people die each day in America waiting for a transplant.  It took Eric 5 years and a diagnosis of weeks to live before he was finally able to get the help he needed.

You can keep current on Eric’s story at these links:


In 2006, the U.S. census reported that 45 million Americans have no health insurance.

(Listening to the lack of progress being made by Congress each day on healthcare has just been revolting.)


5 thoughts on “Update: Eric De La Cruz

  1. Listen, you have contributed to this wonderful thing. If no one else has said it enough, you should be congratulated in your own right.

    I am glad that good things have happened for your friend with this movement.

  2. Thanks, Broke, Cookie, and Katherine. It’s going to be a story I tell for the rest of my life. Veronica moved a mountain. Veronica proved love can save. How could I not be moved? 🙂

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