Has anyone seen Mike Judge’s Idiocracy?  Judge seized on every moronic cultural trend and showed a world powered by banality…kinda like watching a cartoon of the Bush years, but less evil.   Since watching the film, torture apologists just look exponentially retarded defending their positions.

Just watch Colonel Jack Jacobs (Ret. Army) smash through informal logical fallacies like a chainsaw through butter.

Why was torture being authorized without any repercussions?”

“Cheney not only clearly knew, he authorized, championed, and supported it.  There are no exceptions to the torture prohibition.  None for ticking time bombs.  None for Al Qaeda.  None for useful information. ”

“Why would members of Congress sit on this information and do nothing?”

Torture is indefensible.  Period.  Those that let themselves be ensnared into the apologist position stand in a moral void–ranging from cowards to micromanaging tyrants.

Jack Jacobs served in the Department of Justice under President Ronald Reagan.


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