So, for all you, dudes who are all tweaked about the how-tos of taking a razor to your piece, your prayers have been answered by Gillette!


I think my jaw only gaped for about the first 30 seconds of this online ad.


I closed my mouth at precisely 25 seconds in when the cartoon pubes went flying.

Trimming the bush to make the tree look taller.

Yeah, it really says that.


22 thoughts on “Oh No Gillette Didn’t!!!

  1. In German saunas you really get a good look at how both sexes are keeping the undergrowth under control. I’d say most women under 30 .- and a few mutton dressed as lamb – are cutting it back or completely shaved, while men it’s only about one-quarter. Clearly they see a growth market in stupidity.

    • Did you think that as you saw the cartoon pubes flying? Cuz that was a life-changer. I’ll never be the same. 😉

      • Girl, you kill me. I’ll never be the same either. And I’ll NEVER be able to see the forest for the “trees” now! Blast you, Gilette!

  2. Just when I thought trimming the bush meant passing on former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as the Republican Party presidential nominee in 2012, Gillette comes out with a version all of their own (blush, blush)…have a wonderful weekend, Melissa.

    • Thought we were done with Dick, but he keeps rearing that wrinkled, shriveled head. Ya know?

      Enjoy your weekend, Al. 🙂

    • 😀 Don’t you think the dirty factor would be upped a notch if that was a chick in the cartoon? Could it even be done?

  3. OK… I’m not sure where to even start. What tha… no that’s not the right way to start. OMG, that was already said.

    OK, how about this response. What if your tree already stands tall? Should you still trim the bushes to make it appear even taller? 🙂

    Ever since the whole Bobbitt incident several years ago I have an aversion to sharp objects anywhere near ‘there’.

  4. I am kinda with Timv. on this one.I don’t know if aversion is the right emotion.When They STOLE my appendix some WISE@SS decided to “trim” the bush.and it was quite uncomfortable.But then again I was just coming out of surgery.
    To the Docs:thanks for what you did.

    To the WISE@SS that shaved me: I hope it wasn’t the “lunch-lady”looking old lady ( she may have been the “crypt keepers” grandma.,)with the “”aaaaaahhhhhhxyggggen””
    ‘ta ‘hep ‘ya BREEEEEEEEEEVVVVvvvve”…


  5. soooooo,”trimming the bushes to make the tree look taller for a guy
    trimming the bushes to…what?make the hole look bigger/smaller for a woman?
    this is where the logic stops for me.

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