Eric's Nightmare
Help Save Eric De La Cruz

I’ve got a string of expletives running through my head that would make a dock worker blush.  Read this excerpt of a note I got from Eric De La Cruz’s sister, Veronica:

They are denying him because now they say he needs supplemental insurance (which no one will give to someone with a pre-existing condition). This is AFTER he got approved for Medicare.

I am living a nightmare.

Please help!   I will post your blog all over the net.



So, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has raised $660,000.   Tony Hawk has donated 100 signed skateboards to raise money now.

Guess what.  Ilona in financial at the transplant center at UCLA is not impressed:

“you’ve only raised 500k? Well, that’s not enough for a transplant.”

Look at me not busting out with John McCain’s expletive for Cindy.

In the meantime, Eric’s kidneys are failing.  His body is giving out.

Here’s the information for contacting the man in charge:

Please call or write!  Eric is one among thousands who life and dignity are under assault, but he’s the one you can help right this very moment.

You can  read a detailed letter of what Veronica is up against as she fights to save Eric’s life.  She mentions hearing people snickering in the background as she places repeated calls…cuz life or death situations are just so fucking funny!

Remember unleash your wrath here:

Thanks to all of you who continue to see this through via thoughts, prayers, petitioning and donations.  If you do any of your own posts on the story, drop me a link.

11 thoughts on “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter UCLA Transplant Center

  1. I just created the No More Red Tape campaign for Eric on Change.org. It will send an email out all at once to the heads of UCLA, Obama, and automatically looks up your Senate and House representatives.

    The letter is pre-written, but add your flair. When it gives you your representatives numbers, call.

    Tiny url: http://tr.im/mf52

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  3. We are doing a lot and can be heard. This is the perfect opportunity to start to change our health system! We want to help get this done and save #Eric!

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