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Stunning video of police officers beating an unconscious suspect is going viral,

And it happened about a stone throw away from my house in January 2008.

When I initially saw the tape I thought it was Hoover PD because of the location. Hoover.  But Hoover patrol vehicles are SUVs and motorcycles mostly with a Segue thrown in for gaiety.  

Police here like their jurisdictions like they like their women: inbred.  Everybody is diddling in everybody’s elses.  

These are mostly Birmingham Police officers.   At least four of them worked for Vice and Narcotics Unit.

Okay, so all these resources were being deployed for a crackhead a human being who might have been under suspicion for narcotics. Can I have a WTF?

The chief of police is protecting the identity of the officers now that someone leaked the tape to the press (ahem, forced the tape on a piss poor excuse for a press).  But the officers involved have been fired now.  Plus an internal affairs investigation is being launched in search of everybody that viewed the tape and knew about the tape without making supervisors aware…supervisors included.

The suspect didn’t even know he’d been beaten until the tape surfaced in March 2009!

I’ve already seen comments about the stress that officers are under that forces them to beat unconscious people.  And the ones about the unconscious suspect deserving it because he hit an officer of the law. (Seriously. Check out al.com comments.)

Save it.

A wise man once said, you just can’t spit shine a turd.


10 thoughts on “Unconscious Suspect Beaten in Alabama

  1. I started to send this to you this morning but I was having technical difficulties.Anyways as I see it (aside from the swerve near the patrolman-where I think the driver was dodging a spike strip-not sure)there is absolutely no excuse for this behavior.Just my personal opinion as I see enough of the brutality and it seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.I thought cops went through some kind of psyche evaluation…
    or is that not a prerequisite?

    • Yeah, that was spike strip, Jase. Did you notice the officer with the dashboard cam didn’t take any swipes at the guy…just ran up, then came back to shut off the camera (most likely).

    • I’ll tell you, Tim. Alabama has a LOT of mean people. I listened to the radio personalities and callers this morning, and the majority were pro beat-on-the-unconscious-guy.

  2. that is bull sh—!for all we know it was just a scared kid?maybe one of yours?they can be tried for multiple felonies and will say anything to cover their collective asses.we don’t need more cops,we need to train and supervise what we have.this is proof the majority are bad,period.and we better realize we are at war here!

  3. did somebody say “when he broke the law,he lost his rights”?are you stupid?when we are “accused”of breaking the law,our rights are supposed to come into play,to protect us against our accusers!when we “lose”our rights,we lost being a free society!do you understand what you stated yet?
    it all started when the maryland gov shaeffer instituted the breathalyzer as evidence,and checkpoints as law.we have been slowly conditioned to believe if we are for our civil rights,we are for drunk drivers.now drunk driving could be stopped in it’s tracks,period.require interlocks in ALL cars.end of story.but they won’t do this for several reasons,we will begin to demand our civil rights back,lawyers will lose money as will the courts.king shaeffer made dui the biggest money maker the states and ins industry have to date!
    now,this video is the result of our young people being conditioned to believe all stops are valid,and they have the right to do whatever they want.when did police uniforms begin to have that para military look?it was a recruiting tool used by the army for years.
    we had better wake up before we are all rounded up,or,what is now happening,we are pulled over,mr.anonymous now has a file built on him in littlvilles court house for future reference!he may be denied i gun permit because he has too many tickets,or he was pulled for doing 25 miles over the speed limit,lets take him in and see what we can make him pay.
    yes that young man ran,crashed and was ejected unconscious from his vehicle,while younger police(the older ones are gone)beat him a little more.now if this makes good sense to you,perhaps you should read up on places like gernany before ww2,boznia,serbia,poland and so forth.
    i was asked the percentages of police abuses.i would say as more and more of the older cops are retired,it gets higher.btw,same thing happened in pre nazi germany,the old police didn’t want to round up jews,it was a violation of their civil rights.so they were fired and retired as the new para military ones came in,and well,you know the rest!!!

  4. After careful examination I have come to the conclusion that the man was intentionally trying to hit the cop. What follows is the other officers acting on emotion not as professionals. Granted what they did was no worse then the attempt by the “suspect” to run one of their “brothers” over but they should be held to a higher standard. Police these days are on a power trip. Always allowing each other to break the law. I don’t care how much training you have or how many times you risked your life to “protect the public” you are not above the law.

  5. see,if you or i reacted in a criminal manner,because a person tried to run us over and we caught up with him after he wrecked,and beat the hell out of him,we would be charged with deliberate assault by those very cops.or premeditated.now the word professional was tossed out concerning these cops.just that fact alone does NOT give them the right to react in a premeditated manner and beat the hell out of a guy that just got ejected out of a windshield.that means they should have acted like american citizens are supposed to act.

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