The spawn of evil, Liz Cheney, was asked if her father had interrogators use torture on prisoners to make them lie and say Iraq had connections to Al Qaeda. She never answered the question.  (She used to be employed by the State Department during the Bush Administration. ) 

A retired Army colonel confirms to McClatchy News that from 2002 to 2003 intelligence officers were told to find an Iraq-Al Qaeda link.  Cheney and Rumsfeld were the two pressing that a nexus be established.  Here’s a quote from Cheney speaking as if the connection is indisputable:

The links go back.  We know for example from interrogating detainees in Guantanamo that Al Qaeda sent individuals to Baghdad to be trained.” –Vice President Dick Cheney, January 9, 2004

Yet, a connection never was established.

A Cheney spokesperson says he’ll clarify his remarks later this week.


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