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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) steps up to defend brutality in the first Congressional hearing  to investigate the Bush administration’s retarded and self-serving interpretations of the law.

And wow, does Graham look like shit doing it!  

Puffy face, Senator.  Hitting the bottle?  

Mattress head.  Sleepless nights?

He looks worse than he did having to stand by John McCain and Sarah Palin during campaign season!

The question of placing a spider in with an arachnaphobic prisoner plunges Graham into a hair splitting contest with the witness.  Graham can’t get the answers he wants!

The two agree that the method would only be torture if the prisoner believes death is pending. 

Note the absurdity, however.  A phobia is an irrational fear, and how the hell is someone supposed to extract what a prisoner’s belief is when he is irrational!  

A frustrated Graham actually asserts in defense of torture, “One of the reasons these techniques have been used for about 500 years is that they work!”


14 thoughts on “Splitting Hairs Torture Method

  1. Amazing the way he asks questions and then cuts off the answers. I felt sorry for David Luban, who couldn’t seem to get an answer finished without being cut off. I’m surprised that Graham didn’t scream “shut up” and “cut his mike.” I hate bullies!

  2. ‘It’s been done so long because it works’ …
    Uhh, not for nothing but isn’t that the same sort of shitty rationale they used to defend slavery?


  3. what’s the sense of having hearings if you cut off the person you’re questioning, because you don’t like the answer? did you see the look on lindseypoo’s face when he thinks he’s gotten the better of the witness? this is a fucking game to him instead of a serious inquiry. he’s an asshole.

  4. Republicans should take the same stand on torture that they do on gay marriage. Something that is wrong and that should never be done. At least that way they’ll be half right. I think that that the core defect with the republican party is that they view the world as they perieve it to be while the rest of us view the world the way that it really is. This “sky is falling” approach to every aspect of life is getting old. If two men or two women get married, it’s the end of civilization and if we don’t torture it’s the beginning of the end of the world. For such religious people, they sure have a fear of death.

  5. My stance that I yell at the TV everyday it seems – Who gives a flying f if it worked…it’s Torture, it’s a War Crime, it’s Illegal. I don’t care if it was Bush, Cheney or Obama, a war crime is a crime, let’s get started with these investigations already and throw who ever committed a crime in jail.

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