Bush toadies held over at the DOJ recommend no prosecutions for attorneys that attempted to make a war crime legal.  The officials believe justifying torture should be met with disciplinary action and come from local bar associations.

Jay Bybee, John Yoo, and Steven Bradbury are the lawyers under scrutiny.  Bybee was appointed to a judgeship for his troubles.

(Yes, DOJ is investigating itself.)

CIA destroyed the tapes that contained video evidence of the actual tortures committed by Americans and sanctioned by the Bush Administration.

A special prosecutor has NOT been appointed.


8 thoughts on “Riddle Me Torture

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  2. Ignorance of the law is neither a defense or an excuse, and if anyone should know that, it should be a DOJ lawyer.

    Torture is illegal, so off with their heads.

    – Chico Brisbane

    • Yes, Chico, right on. But I suspect they weren’t ignorant. They acted like insurance adjusters…when they weren’t acting like mob bosses.

      • Right you are whitechic. It funny how republicans were screaming how not even the president of the united states is above the law when Clinton lied about his affair with Monica. However, now that it’s Bush’s ass in a sling over war crimes, we should just shut up and look the other way — you know? — for the good of the country.

  3. local bar associations? are you kidding me? bar associations lack jurisdiction to prosecute on a federal matter and any discipline they might be able to hand out is… what? “oh, let’s spank your pee-pee and hope you never do it again”


    What a load of amish road apples.

    • It’s the height of absurdity, isn’t it? Torture is a war crime. There’s something to be done on the bar association level, but DoJ is really screwing this up.

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