condoleezza rice
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The Washington Post reported a story on Condoleezza Rice talking to 9 and 10 year-olds.  Fourth graders.  They asked her about torture.

No, I can’t believe school officials let this woman near young children.

She basically told them if President Bush says torture’s okay, then it doesn’t violate the Convention Against Torture.

(God, she’s such a whore!)

Rice also said,

I hope you understand that it was a very difficult time. We were all so terrified of another attack on the country. September 11 was the worst day of my life in government, watching 3,000 Americans die. . . . Even under those most difficult circumstances, the president was not prepared to do something illegal, and I hope people understand that we were trying to protect the country.”

Which means what?!?  When you’re frightened, standards and laws be damned.

And they let her near babies, why?

Let’s just hope this is a marker for Rice that for the rest of her life the very young to the very old will treat her with reproach she has earned.  We should all marvel in disgust at the vacuum of courage it took to make torture an American way.

And she can wallow in her freakish rationalization for eternity.


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