ht the Awsomiferous Think Progress

Gingrich thinks that the departure of Senator Arlen Specter from the GOP is an opportunity for Republicans to get even more conservative!

Awesome!  Concentrated douchebagitude will sell!

Why he even wants to reach in his crusty bag of tricks for a brand spankin’ new Contract on America.

Cuz really poor folks aren’t poor enough.  Maybe in this Contract we can treat them as a renewable resource to fuel the cars of the future or eat them!  More awesomeness.

Think of the potential job creation potential for the Tom Delays, Jack Abramoffs, Kenneth Lays, and Karl Roves of the future!

Pssst.  Nobody dare throw them a life line.


12 thoughts on “Aw Fuck. A New Contract on America

  1. I thought we already had a contract?
    (the constitution,bill of rights,declaration of independence?)
    WTF do we need a new one for?The old one(s) work fine if they would put the scissors down and step away from the documents.

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  3. Newt lost credibility long ago, so it proves a lot that they drug him back up.

    They are imploding. Now if we could just get the Dems to implode, we might stand a chance.

    Wait, they do that about every 8 years, anyway. Enough time for old Newt to become the ancient face of the new GOP.

    Newt: go away.

  4. Hi Melissa,

    Between the parody I just read over at Tim’s site mocking Michael Steele (lol) and now your eye-opening example about the dismal shape Republicans are presently in, I’m beginning to think someone had better grab a life line and fling it out to the Republican leadership real soon, hopefully before they make matters worse. We cannot continue to alienate and isolate others and expect to be credible…hope all is well with you, M. Have a safe and wonderful weekend–off to nurse and lick my Republican wounds…

      • Hi Melissa,

        How thoughtful of you to say something so sweet, but the only running I’m seriously thinking about is running away from my party unless someone akin to Dwight Eisenhower, Colin Powell and/or a combination of the two emerges out of the pack right up to the front and assume the mantle of leadership the Republicans so desperately need at this point.

        Enough about politics though. Stopped in to say thanks for creating a wonderful place where thought-provoking post and interesting discussion is only a click away. Have a wonderful weekend, M (smile)

  5. A new contract? *laughs heartily* Why would anyone want to draw up a contract with a team that won’t shut up and keeps shooting itself in the nuts?

    I’m not throwing any life lines. I’ll just boo until Newt is yanked off stage.

  6. Look at what the Republican Party has devolved to. They’re a bunch of frothingly insane Christian theofascist loons, driven by occult superstition and hate, totally unrecognizable as the Party of Lincoln.

    I find it ironic that one of the country’s worst Christian hate cultist (Gingrich ) is out there spewing his Christian occultism-driven lunacy.

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