The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart slaughters cable news for serving up alarm when they should be delivering caution.

I mockingly predicted this sort of nonsense:

Flu sufferers may be wallowing in a pandemic! Grab the children! You’re gonna die!!!”


“Next on Fox, Hear what the CDC is squealing about!”

Writer Cookie offered this one:

“and this little piggy went ACK* BLONK* PFFFT* all the way home”

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more about “WTF is the CDC Squealing About???“, posted with vodpod

There’s a world of difference between cause for concern and cause for alarm. You’d expect pros to know the difference.


7 thoughts on “WTF is the CDC Squealing About???

  1. @writechic – I must tell you this. I could listen to you talk (curse) all day. Somehow, it sounds poetic. I would just pull up a chair, sip my tea and listen. Ok, back to the subject at hand.

    I am wondering why they are trying to raise the level of panic. There is a reason we are being used in this way. What is the reason?

    • The regular person in me says, I don’t know. The cynic says, journalists gravitate toward this because it’s easy and it holds the attention of viewers. Plus, this sort of story lets governments control the message rather than journos and citizens drive what’s reported. The credulous me believes there is cause for concern.

      (I’d marry my skeptic and believer, but they hate each other. 😉 )

  2. I could lend my own theories but as I am a conspiacy theorist(not to the point of the shiny hat and the shiny underwear bring this chaffing thing on so I gave up on the foil altogether)we could be here all day and I don’t know how much I can stuff into this little box and don’t wanna piss nobody off so I will get to my point(only one today and it isn’t even a point but a query):
    while researching I found an interesting tidbit of info.a military base/complex/fort/whatever was i think locked down a while back over a theft of a swine flu sample.
    (filed appropriately under”I.S.”
    Some time later alot of people in Mexico start coming down with this “swine flu” and interestingly enough it turns up in 5 states.

    So.The query:
    is it a coincidence or did 2 dots get connected?

    I also love to read your articles,Miss.
    Very eloquently written,as always.

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