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“We are America! I don’t give a rat’s ass if it helps! We Are America! We do not fucking torture! We don’t do it!”  –Shep Smith, Fox News-dot-com

Be still my heart.  Look at him go!

Fox News’ Shepard Smith has had it up to HERE with the sophistic, toe-the-right-wing-freak-line “argument” that splits hairs on what is and what is not torture.

Mediatards ::cough (Chuck Todd-NBC) cough:: have postured as if honoring and upholding the American laws that deem torture as criminal are a left wing political trick.

As if!

As if it’s not in all of our interests that our nation enforce its own laws.

So, Man of the Day: Shepard Smith.


12 thoughts on “Man of the Day: Shepard Smith

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  2. Did this really happen? On Fox? I’ve been falling asleep awfully early (sinus infection or something) and missing the finer details the last few days. I mean, aside from the F Bomb, which is pretty incredible – but aside from that, did they really even have this discussion on Fox. Because if so, I think we’re right through the looking glass. Which is a good thing in this case.

    • It’s a webcast on FoxNews-dot-com! Can you believe it? Smith showed a very human side during Hurricane Katrina, too.

  3. Where were all these assholes for the last 8 years?

    That’s right, now it is politically expedient to do “the right thing”.

    At least they finally are coming around, but what is their real motive? If morality and doing what is “right” were it, again, where the hell have these assholes been for 8 years?

    • Makes me think of Cassandra from mythology….and Max and the Marginalized’s “Now that we know that they knew.”

      It’s true all this has been available to be common knowledge for quite a long time now. (And it really is sad evidence about the lameness of media.) But I can’t shake my finger at someone for FINALLY doing the right thing. I’m just happy the right thing is being said or done.

      I’m hoping this is part of a larger momentum that will lead to people being held accountable.

      • Oh, I hear ya. But, isn’t amazing how they “come to Jesus” now, after ALL this time.

        I can’t help but believe there is an ulterior motive to their outrage. There always is.

  4. Amen, Shepard Smith!!!!! AMEN!!!!!

    I can’t believe he still has a job on Fox News. He is the only sane one on that entire network.

  5. Shep’s right, you know. We’ve become the thing we hate.

    As a veteran I’m especially concerned about our POWs in the future. And there will be some.

    Those poor service members will pay the highest price, by far, for our descent from honor.

    Special Prosecutor, NOW!

    • Some have paid the price already, Mike. Have you read about the young Mormon soldier who killed herself after being forced to participate in interrogations that included torturing with cigarettes and sexual humiliation? Her suicide was reported as an accidental gun discharge.

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