Jay Bybee
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You may be hard pressed to find a greater religious inferiority complex than the one held by the Mormons.   Those at Prophet Central in Salt Lake City cannot be loving the spotlight being shined on their own Judge Jay Bybee.

He’s not the missionary tool they are looking for.  Nope, he’s just a tool.

In case, you’re having trouble keeping track of all the names becoming synonymous with the institution of torture under President George W. Bush, John Yoo was Jay Bybee’s butt boy.

And while Yoo is a veritable legal laughing stock and professor pariah at UC-Berkeley, Bybee now enjoys a lifetime appointment as a federal judge.

The New York Times is calling for that to change.  The paper and dozens of new media sites are calling for Bybee’s impeachment.

Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan’s heroin chic discoursing trip on ABC where she wistfully coos and pleads that we all look the other way as far as Bybee’s memos go riled (my boyfriend) Russ Feingold something fierce.

And Lo and behold…Obama’s open to prosecution, but sorry, baby, it’s not your call.  That’s DoJ.

Bybee may be the expendable ensign they’re looking for.  He is an excellent target.  The Republican’s super religious right isn’t about to stand up enthusiastically for him with those Mormon credentials.

It’d be nice if his church excommunicated him for helping to institutionalize torture, for lacking the courage to choose what’s right.  I mean they excommunicate for adultery and saying, “this doctrine is a crock of shit.” Why not something as abominable as torture?

Bybee probably felt pretty important and uninferior when the Bush administration was relying on him to twist the law to skirt torture definitions.  Wonder how he feels now that he’s lawyered up.


6 thoughts on “Hurt Me, Judge Jay Bybee, Hurt Me.

  1. Well, as I believe organized religion to BE torture – I doubt they will — but in case it helps, I’ll start the chant:

  2. It’s about time they pretended that someone is going to get punished for torturing people in the name of the USA. *sigh* If any action actually happens, I’ll be surprised. *another sigh*

  3. the only reason we’ve even gotten this far is the netroots… the folks in DC, and in most of our state capitols, are soul-neuters… the expenditure of political capital, for something as trite as basic human rights, is a cost far too great for people with committee rank on their mind… effin pathetic….

    the times is actually following the torture memo issue, which surprises the piss out of me (esp. when you consider he blue-blood nature of most of the editorial ranks–the managing editor is literally the son of the guy who made the biggest oil company of the 80’s). I think, though, yet again, it’s because they know they’re losing coverage on issues to the netroots… this time they want to define the coverage…. (in the long, that’s very dangerous)

    thanks for your awesome blogs recently…

    • Hey, Manny! As always you’re a rockin’ one man revival! It’ll just be too hideous if torturing people isn’t dealt with as the law says it should be.

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