Hell in Healthcare
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My super secret source (let’s call her my sister) in Panama City Beach, Florida delivered a doozy.

She is sans healthcare.

Much like 25% of  North Carolina!

She’s also a chronic sufferer of asthma.  So, recently she’s hit with a massive attack and scared.  She has my mother call the Bay Walk-In Clinic on Front Beach Road to find out how much it will cost to be seen and get a new inhaler.

Sis didn’t call because she could barely talk.

The clinic says the cost will be no less than $106 and no more than $134.  My sister heads over to the clinic with 140 dollars in cash.  The doctor was very sympathetic and caring.  Her breathing capacity was just above 50%, and he wanted to hospitalize her.  She said, “no.”  She couldn’t afford it.  So, she was given 3 breathing treatments and a bunch of free samples that included two inhalers.

Sounds sunshiney and humane, dudn’t it?

With lungs now functioning at 89%, my sister goes to check out with the ladies in the front of the office.  They want $300.  My sister explained she didn’t bring that much and asks to be billed for the $160.

The women tell her absolutely not.  My sister said she would have to leave then to get the remaining portion due.

The women…referred to hereafter as the bitches…tell her if she attempts to leave they will call the police and have her thrown in jail.


Anxiety and stress do nothing for my sister’s ability to breathe, but she’s appalled and can’t help herself, “You, bitches, said it wouldn’t cost more than $140!  If I can’t go get more money, you don’t get any!”

The bitches reiterate, “If you leave, we’ll call the police.”

My sister calls my mom and explains the predicament with the bitches (or maybe she was calling them hookers at this point…my sister noticed people in the waiting room were clutching their children close to them.  A wheezing rant is kinda scary).  She puts my mom on the phone with the bitches.

After the phone call, the bitches want my sister’s purse as collateral.

She says,  “I’m leaving my purse as collateral, and you, bitches, better not go through it.  Or I’ll come over that counter and kick both your asses.  I don’t need to breathe to do that.”

So, sis leaves to get the money and returns.

The mother fuckers had the nerve to say they wanted their free samples returned.

To which my sister responded, “You bitches can go to hell.”


24 thoughts on “Putting the Hell in Health Care

  1. May we have the name of the clinic — PLEEEEEEEASE?!?!?
    I’d love to have some ‘phone fun’ today!

    I mean, what is that clinic – a loan sharking operation posing as a health care agency?!?

    Those aren’t just bitches, WC — those are fucking bitches!

    • My bad…not explicit enough 🙂

      Bay Walk-In Clinic
      Panama City Beach
      8811 Front Beach Rd.
      P. C. Beach, FL 32407
      Office: (850)234-8511
      Fax: (850)234-8229
      Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm

  2. lifeisacookie has a great idea. I’d put a call in, too, just to tell them to suck shit through a straw.

    But, your sister had nothing to fear, in reality.

    She should have told them to take a flying fuck, send a bill and then kiss her ass as she walked out with a bird thrown back for good measure.

    She would have been gone before the “police” came.

    I sure as hell would not have left my purse (billfold). NOT A CHANCE!

    • I called and told them, “It takes a shit bag of a human being to treat an asthma sufferer the way your people did (the one you wanted to keep the purse of). I will spread the word via the internet so the rest of the people in Pensacola can see your clinic for what it is: full of shit.”

      Fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads.

  3. Why were they acting as if your sister was stealing money out of their own pockets? I can’t stand it when people become abusive just because they can. I hope your sister is feeling much better. She sounds like she has a lot of spunk to be ill and still able stand up to those hospital lackeys. Your mom raised some feisty women.

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  5. OMG — they are as rude on the telephone as they apparently were to your sister!


    If there’s a news station in her area that does any type of consumer or health care reporting – they should be alerted to these bozos!!

  6. LOL

    Taking it up a notch.

    Sent to TK101

    To my Rock and Roll loving friends:

    You have a shitbag for a health clinic (that was the words I used to describe them on the phone and here at my blog in an article called Bay Walk-In Clinic, Panama City Beach, Florida). Originally, the story was posted here. Subsequent calls from a few show that they are just as assholish on the phone as they are in person.

    Just wondered if this is common treatment for the area?

    You Rock!


    • Here is the return message

      Either Paula or I just had a “duh” moment:

      Thanks for the email, but I’m really sure what’s going on here.

      Paula Petersen
      Clear Channel Pensacola
      WTKX TK101
      WYCL MY1073
      6485 Pensacola Boulevard
      Pensacola Fl 32505

      (direct) 850.549.2002
      (p) 850.473.0400 ext 102
      (f) 850.473.0907

  7. I am SOOOO glad you posted this story! Your sister rocks!!! And all of you who called the clinic are the bomb!!!!!

  8. For the last 5 years there’s been a flow of American pensioner and self employed young people who came to live in Argentina (some 20 to 30 thousand) because they where unable to get health insurance due to some condition like that of your sister. They use to keep working via Internet and find not too hard to get an affordable private plan.
    But some say that even relying on the (free) public hospital care is not a bad experience for them. Me and my family are under the Journalists Union medical service (every union has a medical service). So, there’s an alternative for almost everyone, at least for basic needs.

    I hope there’ll be a chance for Obama-Clinton tandem to reform an American medical irrational situation unbelievable for such a great nation.
    My best to you and to your sister.

    • Thank you, Bob. Humor and bitching will see her through. Right now she’s planning on marrying into health insurance coverage. 🙂

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