How do you like your war criminals?  Apparently, everybody likes them FREE!!!

Prosecutors in Spain have decided not to go after Bush administration officials who enabled the institutionalization of torture.  The decision was made because Alberto Gonzales, John Yoo, Jay Bybee, Douglas J. Feith, David Addington, and William J. Haynes II were not actually PRESENT for the torture.  They only twisted the law and saw that torture was carried out.

What was I thinking?  What is Spain thinking?


4 thoughts on “Spain Just as Ball-less as America

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  2. Hi Melissa,

    Where I’m not condoning inappropriate actions of brutality against another fellow human being, my take is how could anyone (the US, Spain, etc) be objective enough to determine what is an act beyond normal interrogation standards, and then how could they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt (without cameras, witness statements, etc.) who specifically to charge? You are one of the brightest and most fairminded individuals on this blue and green planet, M, but even you know that when a teacher leaves the room for a moment or two and returns to find lil’ Johnny sprawled out on the floor, that getting to the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth and heart of the matter won’t be as easy as our moral compass may wish. Another interesting post–no surprise there. “See” you next week–have a wonderful weekend.

    • Yes! You’re back on, Al. I’m assembling a post right now on this hot mess.

      You and I may toy with the idea versus the reality. Between the two falls a shadow. Would a bright light be shined in that place, I’m certain I would not find you holding a suspect’s head under water while someone else slugs him in the gut.

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