Dolphins Save Ship
Super Dolphin Powers Summoned

Huge Ol’ Hat Tip to the Somali Pirate who got me this shot!

The Chinese had a close call with Somali pirates today.

That is until Obama summoned thousands of dolphins with his superhuman sonar to protect the merchants from the scurvy lot.

That is unless you believe in Day of the Dolphin sci-fi, and the Chinese communicated to the animals to come (without saying, ‘dolphin soup for lunch!’)

That is unless you believe a U.S. Navy sub was lurking below and aiming to blast some killer sonar.

Whatever the case may be, a Chinese government-sponsored news agency says these dolphins mysteriously and suddenly leaped out of the water between pirates and merchants.  The criminals then ceased and turned away–lamenting their smallness before the vast power of the supernatural (and Chinese Dalai Lama approved) dolphins.

So, the world is nuts, but that’s a beautiful shot!  View here!

Oh, and that looks like maybe 100 dolphins.


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