The National Organization for Marriage summoned their super retard powers to craft a very special message of hate.  They are very, very, very afraid of teh gays–who are symbolized by the dark and fluffy clouds morphing into same-sex kama sutra positions.

Oddly enough, all the commercial actors sorta look gay.

The right-wing nutters believe their freedom to hate and discriminate is sorely jeopardized.  Seeing LGBT’s enjoy a measure of equality amounts to torture.

Which, hello, I thought they believed in torture.

The whole thing wraps up with a big, giant slap in Jesse Jackson’s face.

Cuz you really can’t get your bigot on, if you don’t dot a black man’s eye…even if you’re black.

My favorite line was: “Da Storm is Cumming” cuz I just wanted to add an Oh, Oh, Oh, Ah, Oh on the end of it…in the man’s accent.


10 thoughts on “Super Retard Powers Summoned to Hate on Gays

  1. the guy with the white beard make my gaydar go off. i would love to ask whoever made this piece of shit commercial exactly what is taught in school about marriage. i don’t remember any class that had anything to do with marriage. i think it’s time to get back to kids learning math, language, history, and science in school. if the little bastards have to learn about marriage, let them learn it at home from their heterosexual thrice-divorced parents.

    • That’s a really good point. I don’t remember any classes about marriage either. We didn’t learn any life skills at all unless you count making biscuits from scratch in Home Ec. In those days that was mostly just girls and guys could learn to make a shelf in wood shop. That was pretty much it, though.

      • Gay people weren’t invented when I was in high school in Louisiana. Surprisingly, the body of scientific research was ENORMOUS by the time I hit college.

  2. That’s a great point — I can’t remember squat about marriage being taught at any level in school.
    In college I took a course called ‘Mate Selection’ – but it didn’t end up being about what I thought it was about 😉

  3. Hey mom me and sam were watching the colebear report or what ever it is and he made fun of this commercial by making another one it was funny i think you should look it up

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