Scrotes Sell?

Scrotes Sell?

I know David Beckham is a thing to behold, but beholding Beckham’s thing does not feel like news.

This front page story at The Huffington Post went up (was erected?) early Wednesday evening, and it’s staying power lasted for hours, let’s just say.

Seriously, is that his seam?  It looks like the seam.  I’m just saying…

Every news person knows sex and sexuality sell.  And that’s fine.  But check out the screenshot.  Stimulus. Shrinkage. And Scrote.  It’s a little much.

You get a much better view if you click here.

While I fully appreciated the glory of Beckham’s sac, I have to tell you, the men around me were not feeling it.

They pretty much gagged.

And I never even got around to reading the story.  Just read the headline and stared at the picture.


14 thoughts on “Seriously, Arianna?

  1. Now, you KNOW I am all about the sexy – but Beckham’s junk isn’t sexy to me at all. I mean, when I think of the fires he must have started rubbin’ sticks with his lollipop of a wife? EWWWW!

    But that’s beside the point — what it also isn’t is news — and so you are dead-on balls accurate about that one, WC!

    And not for nothing — but your lede? SUPERFAB!

    • Funny you should say that, Hero. I initially thought the seam looked like the seam of a tennis ball. Seems it could be the seam of a sock though.

  2. Lol @ the stuffing a sock in there beforehand comment…

    Your interesting posts never fail to deliver, Melissa. Wishing you and yours a safe and memorable holiday weekend.

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